About the tool

Goals and methods

The Information Literacy Reflection Tool (ILRT) is a metacognitive self-assessment instrument consisting of curated statements prompting students to reflect on their own approaches to information use, and to reflect on foundational concepts that constitute information literacy. The ILRT study builds on previous work (Catalano, 2017; Mokhtari, 2002; Schraw & Dennison, 1994) to develop a new self-report measure, and is designed to assess first and second-year college students’ awareness and perceived use of information literacy strategies while engaging in college-related research.

Based upon the evidence gathered to date, the ILRT consistently communicates the essential components of each of the threshold concepts as defined in the ACRL Framework (ACRL 2016) when used with a novice researcher population. Further testing would support the broader application of the ILRT in service to students – we offer it for your use! If you would like to partner with us in additional research on the ILRT as you use it in your context, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A User Guide, including a technical report with further details is available at: https://bit.ly/ilrtuserguide

Presentations & Publications

Robertson, S., Burke, M., Olson-Charles, K., & Mueller, R.M. (2022). Metacognitive awareness for IL learning and growth: The development and validation of the Information Literacy Reflection Tool (ILRT). Communications in Information Literacy, 16(2). https://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/comminfolit/vol16/iss2/1/

Introducing the Information Literacy Reflection Tool, ACRL-OR Webinars on April 6, 2021, available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=513acZobSIU

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